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Simple Creative Vinyl Storage Ideas

Organization brings sanity to our homes and other places that are important to us. If you are a passionate record collector, then you must own a huge volume of records that require storage to maintain their lifespan through the years. With the right ideas, you can transform your vinyl records storage to art that revamps your living room and other rooms in your house. You can organize your records in beautifully crafted ideas and present them as fine art and add pomp to your life.


Shelves are a convenient storage method that makes organizing easy and presentable. You can choose different shelf designs to store your vinyl records depending on the records’ volume, the space available in your home, and other factors. It is easy to shop at Tylko and enjoy a great selection of vinyl shelves that are long-lasting with great variety in colour to match your storage requirements. They are premium fit technology shelves made from quality plywood that bring classic modernity to your home and makes organization hassle-free.

Store Vinyl Records in a Box

Storing your vinyl records in a box is also a great option, especially if your space is limited. Although many perceive boxes as outdated, you can mount the boxes at an angle on a wall and arrange the records inside. Vinyl stickers are a great addition to the boxes, which creates some sophistication. You should always ensure the harmony between the paint on the boxes and the walls of your room.

Record Props

Record props are a sophisticated vinyl storage idea that makes your albums appear as though they are floating on the wall. They create a great display of your albums, and the guests can marvel and appreciate them. You can display the records according to the genres or the colour splendour they generate. The display takes different shapes, but the outcome should always be functional and beautiful.

Create Art with Unused Records

Art inspires us to do and create beauty in the world. Instead of letting your unused vinyl records take up space, you can transform them into art and let your passion live. vinyl records are perfect for making viny clocks and placing them on the wall. You can design or have them designed by a professional and place them at strategic places in the house, such as the hallway. You can also display the records into record flames and entertain your guests.